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Silistra Orphanage

Media coverage of this exciting yearly event will be broadcast by television and radio as well as by us here at Quest Bulgaria. Better conditions and happier lives for the children of the orphanage. The event will take place on Saturday October 1st and will have a wealth of entertainment to be enjoyed by all concerned. Special mentions to Debbie for making the wonderful cakes. Wonderful gift, the children at the Dimcho will be overwhelmed. Really excited as Tam and the girls from Selimiski Silhouettes will em coming to the Garden Party at the Silistra Orphanage on 1st Oct and will perform a few routines – Looking forward to that now.

You will soon know what the surprise is as I am almost finished the monthly updated and will post here shortly. Have just read the ad for the christmas boxes, what a lovely thing to do. Great job everyone and hope it all goes well and that the children have a really good xmas. Dougie, Rick, Elly, Emma myself and a few more volunteers and donors helped us all year with bag packing, books sales, knitting etc and we raised the funds for the transport. Anythng over that amount would go towards the renovations at the orphanage. And had £1000 to donate to Silistra Orphanage which was a total surprise to the director Stilian, he was delighted..

Here Islittle Old Me Covering The Boxes Ready For Filling

If there are schools, business’s, college’s your local Mayors office local papers etc near you could you please ask if they would participate in this very simple task and so many children and others would benefit. The world needs people like you to do things like this… We are not in Bulgaria yet but when we eventually get there we would be more than happy to lend a hand. We are about to roll out our new project in Bulgaria for Christmas with the help of Cindy and the team at Anglo-Info and Rosie and the team at Trust Radio and Darren at Quest.

Two years in prison for driver in fatal 2022 crash on Henderson Bridge – Chronicle Telegram

Two years in prison for driver in fatal 2022 crash on Henderson Bridge.

Posted: Tue, 29 Mar 2022 11:00:00 GMT [source]

The Director Stilian Stoichev of the Dimcho Debelianov Orphanage Silistra organised for the goods all 400+ boxes to be unloaded at the Home for the Elderly due to lack of storage space. Dougie myself and arrived at the Home for the Elderly to find Stilian, the staff and the children and the lorry there waiting for us. Unloading was manic, boxes coming at me right left and centre until I sorted out a system everyone could follow. All our goods were colour coded for various organisations once they realised this, things then went like clockwork. The children were just amazing and really enjoyed themselves.

Silistra Orphanage

British Lion Foods brought the food to Krushari himself. All the orphanages and other establishments in Bulgaria. Thanks you for helping us to help those who needs a little care this Christmas. Home for the elderly, a disability centre or some other worthy cause. Thank you Ray, we really appreciate your comments. Please feel free to check the updates on the website.

  • Valerie seeks a reward for helping Dylan recover his money and asks both him and Jones to cut her in on a large share.
  • We all did great thanks a million times over for all your help and support and all your wonderful comments.
  • There were lots of people there to support such a worthwhile cause.
  • Kelly’s father, Bill, arrives in town for another visit and meets with Valerie who tells her that Derrick Driscoll is actually an embezzler who just ripped off all her money that she got to invest in.

The couple also delivered two 50-litre boxes full of sweets. "All of the children had a filled shoebox of their own, and they were all decorated," said Berni. By Orton Line Dancers, which raised £200, to help with transport costs.

This Has Been A Fantastic Month

Despite Valerie’s warning to stay away from him, Kelly decides to pursue Tom, which adds an extra dimension when he and Brandon, who still holds feelings for Kelly, face off in a hockey game. Valerie’s mother, Abby, whom she can’t stand, arrives in town from Buffalo for a visit and asks her for financial support, causing Valerie to become angry with her mother, Abby. Kelly extends an olive branch to Valerie after learning from Steve over her condition, but Valerie must keep the fact that she really isn’t pregnant under wraps at any cost. Kelly takes great delight in telling Brandon about Valerie’s pregnancy and abortion, and also shares her doubts about Val’s story.

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