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Tipsy Bartender Emma:Skyy John, Tipsy Bartender, bank teller, Bartender Emma, delivery night
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The tipsy bartender hire is a 2-hour cocktail service where you hire just the cocktail bartender. We also provide assistance with planning your cocktail menu & we will provide a full shopping list for all your ingredients for the cocktails you have selected. Before moving to America, he was a bank teller by day, a Domino’s pizza delivery guy by night, and a fisherman on weekends.

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We list the most common ones below. The process of inventing cocktails is focused on what the viewers may find entertaining and fun to try. Tipsy Bartender’s show has also brought on board legal Mixologists who make drinks.

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Skyy John is a successful YouTube star. Skyy John gained popularity from the host and creator of the YouTube channel Tipsy Bartender, the number one bartending show in the world. The Bahamian YouTuber was born in Nassau, Bahamas on January 2, 1980.

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Before moving to Los Angeles Skyy had three occupations in the Bahamas; a bank teller during the day and a pizza delivery guy at night. He did fishing on weekends and earned a living. He was also a former member of the Bahamian Military.

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Cocktail making went great but would be better to have a choice of which cocktails to make that are the most popular. We had bartender Josh come to my sister’s Hen Party and he was excellent! He arrived on time, was very smart, and very professional as well as having a joke with all of us. Even judged one of our on-going activities..Everyone was still talking about this activity the following day. The company had great communication from the start and explained different packages clearly.

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The bulk of his wealth comes from acting Television series and also hosting the bartender show which boasts of at least 500 million views on YouTube. Skyy’s net worth is estimated at $3 million. Skyy was born and raised in Nassau, in the Bahamas. Skyy John has successfully brought the party to YouTube.

Everything was provided so no worries there and the barman Josh was brilliant. I found the communications really easy and Russell and his team made the booking very easy indeed. Easy to organise and ammend details, very helpful team and answered any questions quickly.

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