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After working for a number of years in a law firm as a civil litigator and a large company focusing on employment law issues, she returned to the practice of criminal law as a private criminal defense attorney. In addition to her private practice, she serves as a court appointed attorney in Alameda County through the Alameda County Bar Association and handles adult serious felony matters. Whether you’re at our office for pediatric dentistry or orthodontics, you’ll see Dr. Rene, Dr. Ortiz, or Dr. Khakhria every time! We believe in consistency which is why when you visit us you’ll be treated by the same doctor every time you come to our office. Arianna was born and raised in Ecuador and moved to Florida in 2022.

  • Dr. Milan Khakhria continued his education in the Master’s program at the University of Oklahoma Orthodontics Residency.
  • As a child she moved to the United States with her family only to return to her native Puerto Rico at the age of 9.
  • After receiving her masters, Dr. Jenn received the Achieved Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry from NYU Langone Hospitals.

Dr. Rene Landa was born and raised right here in South Florida as the only child of Cuban/Puerto Rican parents. After graduating from the University of Florida for dental school, he went to Boston University where he received his specialty training in pediatrics. For Dr. Landa, making kids smile is the best part of his day. He loves to challenge himself daily by competing in triathlons, marathons, and adventure races. He loves doing outdoor activities and singing along with his two beautiful kids and his wife and best friend, Andraisa. Dr. Khakhria enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, where upon graduation he was awarded the International Dentist of the Year Award and ranked first in his class.

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We offer the convenience of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics throughout our three locations. Dr. Rene cares for all of our child patients’ dental health needs ranging in age from 1 to 18. And Dr. Khakhria and Dr. Ortiz care for the orthodontic needs of our patients ranging in age from 7 to 77+. Originally from Queens, New York, she has been living in Florida for 13 years. She loves spending time with her daughter, swimming, playing board games, and making people smile.

Pamela Adlon on the pitch-perfect ending of Better Things – The A.V. Club

Pamela Adlon on the pitch-perfect ending of Better Things.

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Dr. Milan Khakhria continued his education in the Master’s program at the University of Oklahoma Orthodontics Residency. When he is not busy creating beautiful smiles, he loves spending time with his lovely wife Priti, their two sons, and their doodle dog, Zeus. Anett was born and raised in Hialeah with native parents from Nicaragua. She has over 10 years of dental experience, she loves knowing that she is a part of perfecting someone’s smiles. On her free time, she enjoys to spend weekends at the beach, with her family and my two furry pets. And last but not least, she has a passion for makeup.

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