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It is IMPOSSIBLE that ordinary people could attain the same release of their awareness through goodwill that I experience today because they never abandoned acting but they will ALL have experienced some amelioration from previous levels of stress. In those days I was always tense, always or easily becoming nervous and just the anticipation of meeting others would cause great nervousness that I struggled to contain and not expose in the presence of others and haunted me afterwards. I had a debilitating phobia of greeting people and saying farewells eg saying goodbye to the host and his family after a social dinner. I would twitch and tremble almost uncontrollably on such occasions especially if I was detained by the host in prolonged goodbye chitchat and wondered why I could not be like so many others who seem so confident and not to be troubled by social banter or meeting others.

  • If actors watch themselves thinking, they never think matter of fact but their thoughts are forceful, rapid, haphazard and filled with emotions.
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  • For instance, they flick a page explosively; they bang a lid loudly repetitively three times mindlessly when a single gentle press on the lid suffices to secure it.
  • If you do something with more force than is necessary you are exaggerating how you do something.
  • Others, even those who call themselves good had no such qualms about uttering niceties they don’t mean or forcefully believe they do mean it, just to get on in life.

I have seen on TV a stork like bird collecting leftover bread bits thrown by people, dipping them into the water and then releasing them to imitate dropping bread pieces and then staying still to wait for foolish fish to come. A specie of orchid has fabricated a flower so like a female bee that male bees prefer to copulate with it. Nowadays, because I do not act, do not stretch my syllables or smile but passively say or do things without emotions, there is genuinely no need for me to bash balls. A few years ago I had said to myself that I was so addicted to tennis or golf it will be impossible for me to give them up but I now do not have any urge or need to pick up a racket or club.

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Why The Change Benefited Everyone:

In contradistinction, the noble person sees sadness as a viper and he does not welcome sadness in his mind and as soon s he detects sadness seeping in, he gives priority to get rid of it as soon as possible by excusing himself to meditate to calm his mind. He does not entertain thoughts that stoke his sadness. Even today, people are aggressive all the time but they never achieved a joyous exit from acting . The reason is because they use their aggression to persecute others and therefore themselves.

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Because acting is going against oneself, it has to be constantly subject to forceful restraint or modulation or it will seriously harm the actor. Without restraint, turning back at the brink, actors will burn themselves out quickly. Acting is the source of all unnecessary internal stresses. It is false and unnecessarily stresses the actor himself and recipients of his acting.

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Ordinary people, no matter how wholesome they want to believe themselves to be, being tough and stubborn are only too willing to play along to please or impress others, to chin up and soak up nonsense from others whilst they themselves slyly worked undercover to manipulate others to get what they want. It is hard to put in words, exactly what the change is but it may essentially be that people are more mindful, more circumspect, less constantly restlessly, somnolently acting, shrouded in stress that kept them ‘drugged’ but though more sober, their speech and actions are nowadays more explosive, impulsive or stabbing. Listen to people talk, even those who are supposed to be quite good and there is detectable explosiveness in their speech.


All facial expressions eg smiling, winking, frowning, scowling, rhythmic jerking of head, blinking eyelids, gesticulating with hands in tandem with speech is faked to exaggerate what people say. In order to walk sexily, you must not merely walk but you must sway or gyrate your hips . In order to walk impressively, you learnt to walk briskly with propped up chest, swing your arms and legs with more range and more force than is necessary. Whenever you say ‘yes’ and later qualify it later with a ‘but’ you have conflicted what you said earlier and you have said something false, something that you did not mean.

Many people stretch their syllables all the time to be nice, to act concerned, to intimidate (eg Aiie wiilll kkillll youuu!!!) and this is exaggerating how you speak. Whilst he is still consciously hesitatingly forcing himself to act eg presidential, he still has control and can stop his acting presidential but when he has graduated to become unconscious, automatically rendered acting president, he becomes a sophisticated forceful robot, a slave not master of sin headed for doom as all robots will ultimately disintegrate. Although ordinary people are constant actors, they are called upon to learn new acts all the time.

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