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Mulder asked if they were similar to the tests conducted on Cassandra Spender but Marita replied negatively. She informed him that Cassandra Spender was part of a program to develop an alien/human hybrid. The program had endured for the past twenty-five years and was in cooperation with the aliens. However, the Syndicate had never intended to succeed and had been stalling in their attempt to develop the vaccine. In early 1998, Marita traveled to a crime scene in Kazakhstan with a convoy of UN peacekeepers. They arrived at the scene in three trucks and found many burning wreckages of cars with charred bodies inside.

  • Marita Covarrubias was often derogatorily referred to as “Uniblonder” by X-Philes who believed she was a villainous character.
  • A note in the file referred to ground reconnaissance and a failure to find any evidence of bee hives.
  • Together, they traveled to the Watergate Apartments in Washington, D.C., where the Cigarette-Smoking Man was residing.

She instead believed that an act of war against the conspiracy had caused the disaster. Speaking Russian, he demanded to know what authority she had to corrupt the crime scene. Marita replied in Russian, quoting a section from the United Nations Charter that gave her the jurisdiction to alter the site. However, Krycek interrupted her in English by stating that her authority was not recognized in the area, only her lies.

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Marita asked Skinner why he was in Payson, reminding him that he had come to her for information but had still not told her what he knew about the situation. At first, Skinner was reluctant to answer but he eventually revealed his theory that bees were being used as carriers in some kind of experiment. She asked if Skinner had told his theory to Agent Mulder, but he replied negatively. His failure to do so prompted Marita to suspect that Skinner was involved in the experiment but he assured her that he wasn’t. Nevertheless, Marita urged Skinner to come forward with information if he knew who was orchestrating the experiment.

Together, they traveled to the Watergate Apartments in Washington, D.C., where the Cigarette-Smoking Man was residing. The Queen will limit the number of Jubilee events she goes to after admitting her battle with Covid left her… Britain is set for sizzling 21C on the hottest day of 2022 this Thursday… The pop diva revealed in a recent interview that her fans will not be disappointed by the access-all-areas show, which documents her Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour. The singer is set to make a cameo in the hit Fox show Empire, appearing as a singer called Kitty. Mariah’s schedule is not set to calm down any time soon either, with several TV commitments to contend with before the Latin American leg of her tour begins on October 28.

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However, the Syndicate had been mistaken in their belief and it had led to their destruction by the rebel aliens. Wave of Russian dissent against Putin’s war hits social media despite threat of severe punishment as anger… Russian death toll ‘hits 19,500’ as Zelensky says he has had enough of UN diplomacy with Putin amid warnings… Cheeky David plugs vintage car restoration company at son Brooklyn’s Miami wedding by… Unions are set to battle plans to cut back on Britain’s ballooning civil service – as ministers aim to slash… RAC warns Easter weekend getaway will be the busiest in EIGHT years with 21.5 million journeys planned – as…

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She checked that they were speaking on a secure line before revealing that she was aware Mulder had been at Skyland Mountain. Marita then informed him that she had been in the former Soviet Union, where a similar incident had occurred. Gazing out of the telephone booth at the boy in her car, Marita revealed that she was with someone who knew that both incidents were connected. She also told Mulder where she was, instructed him to go to the same phone booth and to wait for her to call with more directions.

When Marita claimed ignorance, Krycek told her to return to America and describe the disaster area to her superiors. Marita was unsure of what exactly had happened, but Krycek advised that she tell them, “it’s all going to Hell”. While the men complied, Marita asked if the boy had seen the disaster occur. Krycek had begun to follow the Russian soldiers but paused to tell Marita, “You tell them to kiss my American ass”.

Cassandra Spender
Marita replied in Russian, quoting
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