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And is a streamer, best known for her Twitch streams focused on the video game “League of Legends” . She has also played other video games, and collaborated several times with her boyfriend, retired professional “League of Legends” player Dyrus. Lol emiru Celebrity Porn collection grows everyday. If you didn’t find the right Lol emiru porn videos, nude celeb videos or celebrities be sure to let us know. He has spent 260 hours livestreaming, with his highest number of unique viewers on a single stream being 3,161, while he can sometimes be seen streaming for over 10 hours in a single day.

  • Emiru isn’t ugly at all but I wish she would give those contacts a break.
  • The two have been dating for four years, but in April 2020, Marcus mentally hurt Emiru as he has stated in his tweet, and has explained that she is willing to give him a second chance.
  • The amount of views she gets on twitch is so low because now that shes not shoving her tits on screen theres no reason to watch.

Emily always thought she was better than everyone else because she’s half white, she should really stop emphasizing her value on her race as it means nothing. She does everything she can to appear more white, pretty sad. Since you can’t read I’ll explain, my point is not everyone reads your shitty site.

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Don’t let emiru’s twitter/chat minions fool you, she’s suuuuuper disliked in the league community. By guys and other female (titty and non-titty) streamers alike.. If i didn’t know any better i would believe someone if they said this was mtf tranny. Something about asian’s faces and bodies make both genders look so similar. At least a friend of mine on league said that a lot of people know she’s an ethot so that gave me hope considering I’d never though guys would know her fakeness or criticize her.

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Why are you guys scrolling past all the threads above this one just to bitch about it when it had already been heavily commented on and a farmhand has already taken steps to remedy the situation? The point of saging is so you can easily tell that there is no new interesting posts at a glance. You guys are going out of your way to come here and complain there’s nothing interesting when it hasn’t been bumped for a while now. Can you retards stop posting the same picture over and over? That same picture has been reposted literally 5 times on the lol whore thread.

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But her cooking and cleaning skills are below average, her food is shit tier and the house is still messy even though she “cleans” it. I won’t be surprised if they started calling in cleaners over since everyone is pretty much a child in that household with no real responsibilities. Everything she does is carefully planned out, that how Emi crafts her “image”. It’s not natural at all, she fails at this so hard. Maybe dyrus likes getting called daddy or something idk. And he has a history of getting too emotional and flaming, in general being toxic.

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What makes it even more funny is how she says streaming is hard work. All she does is play video games while doing her duck face and flirting with her viewers. Emily clearly never worked a day of her life before. She doesn’t stream and post on social media that often anymore after getting called out here. She doesn’t wanna make it anymore obvious that she is a pretentious and bitchty Twitch Cam girl. Is there a “twitch whore sperg” sperg?

For me it’s interesting seeing the true personality of these internet personalities. I’ve noticed that usually they try to make themselves seem like mary poppins or a cool person to be around, it just feels and seems like everything is fake. Why the fuck doesn’t she cLEAN HER DAMN ROOM – what is the appeal in that??? Also exhausted af of those trashy lenses just embrace your eyes you dumb prostitot.

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