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“Then, the children who were old enough to walk got up and Calley began to shoot the children.” John Smail, an army photographer who took photos during the massacre. U.S. soldiers relax by the side of the village, just before carrying out the massacre. Some of the villagers huddle together with black bags covering their heads. Medina ordered Charlie Company to break for lunch and informed his superiors that scores of Viet Cong had been killed in the operation. The sole U.S. casualty had occurred when a soldier shot himself in the foot while trying to clear a jammed weapon.

  • Mothers try to protect their children from the American soldiers who, for reasons they don’t understand, have turned on them and attacked.
  • Moreover, the troops of Charlie Company were ordered to destroy crops and buildings and to kill livestock.
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  • The massacre began when one soldier — whose name has never been confirmed — suddenly stuck a Vietnamese man with his bayonet.
  • By the time the My Lai massacre ended, 504 people were dead.

The Army would later charge only 14 men, including Calley, Captain Ernest Medina and Colonel Oran Henderson, with crimes related to the events at My Lai. All were acquitted except for Calley, who was found guilty of premeditated murder for ordering the shootings, despite his contention that he was only following orders from his commanding officer, Captain Medina. The coverup of the My Lai Massacre continued until Ron Ridenhour, a soldier in the 11th Brigade who had heard reports of the massacre but had not participated, began a campaign to bring the events to light. The villagers were rounded up into groups as the soldiers inspected their huts. Despite finding only a few weapons, Calley ordered his men to begin shooting the villagers. Army helicopter pilot named Hugh Thompson Jr. put an end to the killings.

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Before the start of the killings, the villagers are gathered together in the center of My Lai. In January 1968 Charlie was one of three companies tasked with the destruction of the 48th Battalion, an especially effective Viet Cong unit operating in Quang Ngai province. Throughout February and early March, Charlie Company suffered dozens of casualties due to mines and booby traps, but it failed to engage the 48th Batallion. After the debacle of the broad Tet Offensive, the Viet Cong had returned to guerrilla tactics and tended to avoid direct encounters with U.S. forces. Among the American troops still in Vietnam, morale was low, and anger and frustration were high. Drug use increased among soldiers, and an official report in 1971 estimated that one-third or more of U.S. troops were addicted.

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Several witnesses revealed the names of other soldiers who, they said, had massacred women and babies alike. In the end, hundreds of innocent civilians were dead — 347 according to the U.S. At first, the soldiers were only holding the villagers hostage.

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Huts were set on fire, and anyone inside who tried to escape was gunned down. At the time, morale among U.S. soldiers on the ground was dwindling, especially in the wake of the North Vietnamese-led Tet Offensive, which was launched in January 1968. Charlie Company had lost some 28 of its members to death or injuries, and was down to just over 100 men. It’s simple to get access to Liamei OnlyFans content for free. Ouch, I was thinking still another waste of time with clicking around website, but finaly get Lia Mei leaks.

But in 1998, Thompson attended a memorial service at My Lai on the 30th anniversary of the massacre. Calley was reported to have dragged dozens of people, including young children, into a ditch before executing them with a machine gun. Not a single shot was fired against the men of Charlie Company at My Lai. When they arrived shortly after dawn, the soldiers—led by Lieutenant William Calley—found no Viet Cong. Instead, they came across a quiet village of primarily women, children and older men preparing their breakfast rice. Army commanders had advised the soldiers of Charlie Company that all who were found in the Son My area could be considered VC or active VC sympathizers, and ordered them to destroy the village.

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