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Kson referred Pajako as her closest friend, and have gone travelling together on several occasions.

Ford, battery maker face job requirement for Tennessee plant – WBBJ TV – WBBJ-TV

Ford, battery maker face job requirement for Tennessee plant – WBBJ TV.

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Later on December, held an off-collab where they ate takoyaki together. On December 29, 2022, Yura Rikudou launched her Minecraft company, Rikudou Constructions, where she recruited several indie VTubers as her employees. She would also invite Kson due to their shared character designer, making the stream their first collaboration. She also makes vlogs, and vlogged her birthday. While she used to use facecams when streaming, she developed a VTuber model that resembled her real life appearance and occasionally uses it while streaming and collaborating with fellow VTubers.


If you’ve posted this video for some other reason than the facecam, then please ignore my comment. False rumors, I had a friend being who has met coco irl. Coco was very keen on my friend joining hololive as she has all the skills that a talent would need.

Chibi Kson also adopts a father-daughter relationship with the viewer. I would honestly probably be more surprised if it was two different people than the same person. I never really watched Kson that much so I don’t have a lot of experience with her voice. But when they speak English their inflections, accent and voice are crazy similar.

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