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The driver was wearing a seatbelt and there was no indication she had passed out, according to the footage gathered by the company that observed the driver, Davis said. Further inspection of the vehicle will indicate what caused the incident, he said. The cause of the single-vehicle accident is unknown, according to Maj. Brian Davis from the Ritchie County Sheriff’s Department.

Iesha Carpenter Webcam

An investigation is ongoing to determine if the accident was vehicle-related or medically related, Davis said. If nothing else, no matter the obvious heartache, the tension, or the piggish old world behavior we’ve covered, there’s always going to be at least one story that works out in the positive, and we should always remember that possibility. There’s a natural connection for us as race fans and racers alike to be drawn to each other from the shared experience, and naturally some of that connection is going to evolve sexually. But maybe, if we take a step back and think more about what brings us together, we can be better prepared for the things that try to drive us apart. Carpenter said his smaller regional team was pitted against larger national-level teams. On Dec. 11, Mannon was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which affects muscles of the body’s limbs and trunk.

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PENNSBORO — A driver was killed in a tractor trailer truck accident Sunday morning on U.S. 50 in Ritchie County, officials said. A tractor trailer truck fell from the roadway on U.S. 50 at Bonds Creek Bridge Sunday morning. The driver, Rosalynn Russell, 57, Fairmont, was killed, according to the Ritchie County Sheriff’s Department.

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First responders were on the scene for about nine hours to retrieve the vehicle from the creek, he said. This way he is not always on the road during the racing season and can spend time with family and work at the family-run company, Kryptonite Racecars, he said. Carpenter said his goal of winning the race and raising money for Mannon was accomplished because of God. On the scene, nothing on the vehicle indicated there was a mechanical issues due to the extent of the damage, he said.

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