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His work has been featured on the television shows Selling Sunset and Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. The super successful real estate investor Graham Stephan in one of his videos from 2022, confessed that he wouldn’t be the person he is – if it weren’t for his past relationships. Graham Patrick Stephan was born on April 22, 1990 (age 30 years; as in 2022). He completed his schooling and instead of going to college, he decided to enter the world of real estate and moved to Los Angeles. He also runs several YouTube channels where he talks about his personal experiences and news about the financial world. The aquarium is emblematic of the seismic changes that have occurred in his life since he was first profiled for CNBC Make It’s Millennial Money series in November 2022.

Recalling the time, the YouTuber expressed that he had no friends and money when his girl dumped him. Stephan and his girlfriend split the $250 monthly cost to have someone clean their 3,900-square-foot home. Stephan still pays mortgages and collects rent on his four Los Angeles properties, and decided to rent out his old apartment instead of selling it. The house also has a full office, bedroom for his live-in assistant and office for his other employee, as well as a professional podcast studio complete with soundproofed ceilings. Stephan’s life is now fully centered around content creation, and he’s finally allowing himself to enjoy his success.

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Two years later, however, Stephan has adjusted his philosophy slightly. If you haven’t seen Graham’s YouTube videos yet, consider checking them out to learn about finance while being entertained. Graham’s most recent videos on his main YouTube channel are about the stock market bubble and an overview of his least favorite banks and their fees. Graham’s real estate and YouTube success allow him to sell popular courses on the platform Teachable. Some of the videos that Graham posts on The Stefamily include videos where he shops at the most expensive store in Las Vegas or eats only at Starbucks for seven days.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Graham Stephan – TVOvermind

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Graham Stephan.

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This story is part of CNBC Make It’sMillennial Moneyseries, which details how people around the world earn, spend and save their money. Stephan is also more willing to eat out or get food delivered after long days. “If that means I can save an hour and Macy doesn’t have to cook, that to me is 100% worth it to pay that delivery fee or pay for food from a restaurant,” he says. Like Graham, we at Yotta want to help Americans achieve financial security while having fun. To learn more about banking with us and to jumpstart your savings, get started with Yotta today.

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Of course, Graham also enjoys his life, as he bought himself a nice house and likes buying luxurious cars. At the same time, he tries to do all this in a way that’s smart with his money so that he can save and enjoy his life at the same time. The root of Graham’s financial philosophy comes from when his parents had to file for bankruptcy. Graham then saw the importance of saving money for essential expenses such as food, gas, and rent. He also has a playlist on his YouTube channel called “Car Adventures,” where he shows some of his cars, profiles interesting cars he sees on the road, and shares tips on how to save money when buying a car.

  • On his “about” page on his YouTube channel, Graham states that he created the channel to share his successes, failures, and experiences with real estate so he can help others who are looking to do the same.
  • He budgets about $800 per month for food, including taking the team out for sushi when they have a particularly well-performing video.
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  • “The biggest thing that I would say I started spending money on was being able to buy back my time,” he says.
  • Graham’s most recent videos on his main YouTube channel are about the stock market bubble and an overview of his least favorite banks and their fees.

Since Graham loves saving money and being frugal, his reactions to the Millennial Money videos are often quite funny. Since 2008, Graham has sold over $120,000,000 of residential real estate to date. He’s also sold real estate to celebrity clients like Orlando Bloom and Chloe Moretz.

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