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I feel like everyone has left this thread except for emily who’s trying to stay relevant. Ahfuck, I NEED to know, does anyone remember this one guy who would talk about emiru he had little to know filter. Isn’t not spaying or neutering considered inhumane? Every time the bunnies were on stream they were humping, every time we saw little freya she was quivering and had her ears back and low..

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  • I don’t know any other person who plays up their “hapa” status like she does.
  • You had to have seen there was “tweet unavailable” or the original tweet between the two.
  • The two bunnies she constantly has on stream hump the shit out of each other.
  • If you want tips or learn how to get better, you don’t watch twitch cam girls LMAO.
  • At first i was gonna say she breathes a lot probably because of the fake voice bc i experienced the same thing but it’s honestly really weird at this point?

If she was then why would fly out to LA to meet him and fking move all the way to Texas with him. Quit the bullshit bitch you just wanted to leave Kansas. Her asian side probably gave her the ability to tan in the summer. That’s why she stays inside to keep her skin pasty white.

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Someone said ew to her weeb anniversary picture and Emily is freaking out calling him racist. It also seems like her fans are jumping on him too, all while he didn’t say anything racist?? I love how she says she’s always in a sweater or covering her chest when she’s quite literally the opposite. Always showing cleavage or is just in a straight up bra. LMAO Dyrus gets so offended when his fans say emiru is his sister, learn to take a joke. For me it’s interesting seeing the true personality of these internet personalities.

she was

Saying you love rabbits doesn’t mean you know how to take care of them, she’s just an irresponsible owner. The two bunnies she constantly has on stream hump the shit out of each other. Emily always thought she was better than everyone else because she’s half white, she should really stop emphasizing her value on her race as it means nothing.

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I’ve noticed that usually they try to make themselves seem like mary poppins or a cool person to be around, it just feels and seems like everything is fake. I’m sure multiple people on multiple occasions post about the milk quality “every once in a while” because the racial tangents lately have been eyeroll-inducing. I think it could be two bras if they’re already padded push up bras. Or if one of them is like the vs bombshell which has really excessive padding. I like the whole unfurnished mcmansion vibe this photo gives off. Reminds me of Onision with the way she spends all her time buying junk and being on the internet, that the reality surrounding her seems like an empty shell.

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At first I thought that Dyrus was innocent and he was just a stupid fuck/had no idea Emiru is leeching him but now I feel like he’s just as aware, they both act strange and try to cover it up. It looks so damn forced and obvious with a dash of cringe. Lawl, in the 3rd cooking episode emily hands dryus a rabbit and he immediately puts it down because it’s not happy in his hands it was def a gift for herself. Like he isn’t easy to shop for too, just buy league merch and weeb shit. Emiru isn’t ugly at all but I wish she would give those contacts a break. They only look good on stream when she’s caked on a tonne of eye makeup and uses a low quality webcam.

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She does everything she can to appear more white, pretty sad. Since you can’t read I’ll explain, my point is not everyone reads your shitty site. Just because you talked about something on pull doesn’t mean that people here can’t talk about it. I never said you were autistic but you might as well be with your response. They did videos together and stuff I don’t really rmb.

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