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  • Ella Nova was a female Human Jedi Knight, who served the Galactic Republic during their war with the One Sith, following their emergence at the Battle of Coruscant.
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Anger – Ella possesses a bad temper, born out of frustration of being held on the side lines whilst the One Sith invaded the Galactic Republic. This anger could lead her to the dark side of the Force. The Force – Trained in the ways of the Force, Ella Nova possesses an adept knowledge of the Force, trusting it to guide her through life. Although yet to attain a mastery in the Force, she has the ability to use it to defend herself and those around her through her powers.

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For I ache and judge of the eu, you zril finally comprehensam mei. First your child democritus definition of it, roast propaganda traditional and but. She completed her Jedi training at the age of seventeen and was given permission by her master to complete the Knight trials. Before she could begin her time as a Jedi Knight, however, she was severely wounded in the Battle of Coruscant, where the One Sith revealed themselves to the galaxy and attacked the Galactic Republic.

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