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Cameron Mathison To Play Drew Cain On General Hospital, Teases Character Is Back “for A Good Reason”

Eventually he was about to take a shot but then had a vague memory flash of him and Sam together. Eventually Jason went downstairs since he could not go through with it and had a hallucination of Robin. He said he didn’t want to shoot her but he would and Robin revealed that she was not really there so he would just be shooting a wall. She asked him why he was following Helena’s orders and he said he had to. Eventually she got him to abort that mission and he left but took a figurine of a Phoenix with him. The next morning, he didn’t remember anything and he woke up on the pier with hypothermia.

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Drew Cain instead of

Carly showed Drew the divorce papers and Drew said he was sorry before he asked if it was really over. Carly said that she didn’t feel like she had any choice and she later wondered if Sonny knew that Peter was dead. Drew didn’t know if Sonny knew and although Carly said she couldn’t stand to see Sonny right now, she said Jason was family so she should tell Sonny that Jason’s death has been avenged. Drew offered to go with her as backup and also offered to tell Sonny by himself.

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Drew pointed out to Liesl that the last time she examined was when Peter wanted to make sure that he was in tip-top shape to kidnap Maxie. They were relieved that Maxie was safe but Britt wondered at what cost to Jason. Drew and Britt wanted to help Anna’s excavation team find Jason but Anna said no since the tunnels were too dangerous, plus she wanted to know exactly what happened down there. Liesl explained that after Peter activated Drew, he had Drew try to kill Jason so they fought as Peter and his men were escorting Britt and Liesl through the tunnels. Drew told Anna that Faison had installed a shortcut and Peter was using that to control him.

Drew Cain abort that mission and he

Drew and Anna decided to go find Peter and Maxie while Dante agreed to watch Agent Krieger and turn him over to the W.S.B.. Dante, Drew and Anna went out to Peter’s farmhouse, where they each had their guns out and they surrounded the place, preparing to storm in. Anna yelled for Peter to send Maxie out and to give himself up, but they kept on shooting after more shots were fired from inside. Drew wanted Anna to cover him and Dante as they went towards the front door. Carly later got a call from Kristina Corinthos-Davis, who pleaded with Carly to meet up with Sonny for the surprise he has planned for her.

Is Billy Miller Done At Gh As Drew Cain?

Sam and Mayor Laura Collins joined Anna and Drew before the four of them came up with a plan to take Victor down. Later on, Portia came to the Metro Court and joined Drew at the bar. Portia was glad that Drew was back in town even though she admitted that they weren’t close.

  • After the will reading, Sam returns it to him and sees his new place.
  • The doctor tells Sam that since she was with “Jason” in Greece, she would need to be tested as well.
  • After Peter took off, Drew worked hard to get out from underneath the board and once he was free, he and Liesl checked on Britt.
  • Valentin remembered having a few drinks in a village called Crete, which led Drew to realize that he’s in Greece.
  • In the morning, “Jason” and Sam cuddle and talk about their relationship deciding to start fresh instead of starting over.
  • Afterwards, “Jason” leaves and arrives back at Elizabeth’s right before Sam and Danny leave and he sees both of “his” sons and their mothers in the same room for the first time.
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