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Luckey and McLain both went on to have other abortions, and their decisions weren’t what you’d necessarily expect. Despite having a good experience with medication abortion, Luckey opted for an in-clinic abortion later, wanting the procedure to be over and done with quickly. If that happens, people could end up being prosecuted if they use abortion medications in a state where it’s illegal, particularly if they end up going to the hospital.

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Class of 2022: Candidates for public/private school graduations – Ocala

Class of 2022: Candidates for public/private school graduations.

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I wish for a week where I didn’t have to see or talk to anyone but Black people. A government that can compel you to gestate without your consent can also compel you to terminate a pregnancy or be sterilized without consent. @michelebgoodwin for sharing how much unnecessary, horrific, white supremacist violence that happens at abortion clinics across the country.

As A Rabbi, Helping Pregnant Texans Get Abortions Has Never Been More Important

At first, it wasn’t an especially popular choice, largely because the FDA imposed lots of restrictions on the medication. But that changed in recent years, in part because of the pandemic. By 2022, the Guttmacher Institute estimated that more than half of abortions in the U.S. were medication abortions. McLain suffered through intense cramping, nausea and weeks of heavy vaginal bleeding.

  • Leah Coplon, the medical director at Abortion on Demand, a telehealth abortion company, said that although it’s very helpful, remote access to medication abortion can’t replace brick-and-mortar clinics.
  • A 2006 systematic review, for example, found that 75 percent of women in five large studies from the U.S. and United Kingdom experienced pain severe enough to be treated with narcotics.
  • But for people who have a lot of pain, the options for relief are not great.
  • Kelsea McLain also knew she wanted an abortion as soon as she found out she was pregnant.
  • Even if it doesn’t end with prosecution, self-managing an abortion can be a scary and isolating experience.
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She is also collaborating to create Bigger Than My Body, a collective of women of color sharing experiences about disordered eating. Desireé also enthusiastically reviews craft beers, reads voraciously, and travels as much as possible. Not everyone who gets an abortion identifies as a woman. This is part of a larger problem that goes far beyond abortion. In general, gynecological pain isn’t well studied or well treated.

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Kelsea McLain also knew she wanted an abortion as soon as she found out she was pregnant. Graduating college during the Great Recession, she was surviving on unemployment and about to lose her apartment. Because of that, they chose medication abortion — two pills that, when taken together, effectively mimic the biology of an early miscarriage. Medication abortion allowed Luckey and McLain to abort their pregnancies at home.

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