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However, the judges reacted to it negatively and Carmen was subsequently eliminated from the show. Later, she made a comeback on episode 12 called ‘Jocks in Socks’. Carmen styled a heavily muscular male athlete in her signature “nude” drag and faced an elimination again. At the end of the season finale, Carmen came fifth in the overall competition. After the comments sparked intense backlash online, RuPaul apologized the next day with a tweet. “Each morning I pray to set aside everything I THINK I know, so I may have an open mind and a new experience,” he wrote.

  • In episode 10, “RuPaul-a-Palooza”, Carrera was eliminated for her performance while lip-syncing to a reggae-inspired cover of RuPaul’s song “Superstar”.
  • Carmen and the other people who are anti-“T”-word seem be be of the mindset that people aren’t at their core sort of horrid-set-in-their-ways-dumpster-people and can change if reprimanded.
  • Carrera was featured in the series as the face for the fictional fragrance La Femme.
  • As the controversy against RuPaul’s Drag Race‘s arguably transphobic vocabulary continues to grow, one of its most famous former contestantsCarmen Carrerahas come down decidedly against the language.

Carmen has stated she most likely won’t return to the typical “drag” scene because of the drag worlds in-acceptance to many MTF transgender queens. The terminology sparked intense controversy recently following a segment dubbed “Female or Shemale” two weeks ago. During the mini-competition, contestants were asked to judge whether a photo showed a cisgender woman or a transgender drag queen based off a closely cropped body part. She has a number of economic activities such as being an actress, burlesque performer, model, reality television personality, and burlesque performer.

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They wed on June 10, 2022, during filming for the show, which aired as the season finale on December 9, 2022. A petition started requesting that Carrera serve as a model during the 2022 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but despite media coverage and approximately 45,000 signatures the petition was unsuccessful. Carmen is the first queen to return in the same season she was eliminated in. She would later be followed by Kenya Michaels, Trixie Mattel, Naysha Lopez, Tatianna, Alyssa Edwards, Morgan McMichaels, Latrice Royale, Joe Black and Art Simone.

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Usually when these discussions happen, the assumption is made that everyone is going full-on Parker Molloy about it. This is a situation in which some people are uncomfortable about one word, and it doesn’t need to be a bigger deal than that. Well, you’re setting up a false dichotomy in that people who are speaking out against RuPaul are ALSO speaking out about other things. Visible activists are visible because they are often fighting for multiple causes.

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Why don’t you do something yourself as a response to people being enraged like raise money for the trans community or talk to trans youth. The couple started a relationship in 2009 although they separated briefly in 2022. Both Agrian and Jaclyn Stapp made appearances on the sixth season of the show called Couples Therapy.

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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ Season 7 spotlight: Raja ruled the runway on season 3.

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And his being all, “but I’m your friend!” wouldn’t help. Creating an environment in which strangers feel comfortable calling me fag is NOT being an ally. So, in the same vein, there are some trans people who feel that, by saying “tranny” and “shemale,” Ru is NOT fully being an ally, no matter how trans-friendly she aspires to be. Carmen performed by lip-syncing to RuPaul’s ‘Superstar’ in episode 10 of the show.

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