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The items I used are toothpicks, jewels/rhinestones, a pair of scissors and some tape. The jewels I am using are ironed on. But, the glue on type may also work depending on the item. However, I prefer iron on since it is neater without too much glue.

If you are going to iron the jewels, it is best to use the iron on type of jewels as they stick better because I think they have a bit of glue on them. If you are going to glue on the jewels, normal ones will work. The side edges where it may be a little less obvious as compared to the top part of your sleeves. As for me, I chose the gold ribbon to be 1cm above the seam. If you want to search for Carissa Reese and his data on tiktok through the PC, then you can try Tikstar.

Carissa Reese the rip to be

W Soccer Roster

So I will have 4 rips for 1 sleeve. Get an old shirt or top or a top that you are alright with cutting it. Do it yourself, how I spice up an old shirt cutting out the sleeves to make shoulder sleeves cutouts.

  • Using the sleeve, measure the tshirt to see where you want to place the ribbon.
  • You are free to try various designs and patterns as well.
  • Once my name is done, I use a pair of scissors to cut out the tape.
  • I am careless and not perfect or very neat when doing handiwork.
  • After that, I measured how long the rips will go.
Carissa Reese the next rip

If you cut off too much, you cannot make it smaller. After that, I measured how long the rips will go. This will depend on your arm size or how long you want the rip to be. (so when I measure it is 3.5cm. Don’t forget about the other side too so it is 7cm in total.) I go down half a cm smaller each time I measure. This means that the next rip will be 3cm long and the one after is 2.5cm long. I decided that I wanted the rips to stop above my elbow instead of doing the whole arm.

This Is A Superior Copycat Recipe And You Cant Convince Me Otherwise Hehe Love Yall ️️

For example, Carissa Reese releases his video works most often on Thu, followed by Sat. And usually the video is posted at 15, followed by 16. If you are in the United States like Carissa Reese, then you can refer to the time when the Carissa Reese released the video. If not, then you can refer to our statistics, which lists the best release time for each day of the week. Carissa Reese‘s tiktok account currently has 626 videos. The following are some of Carissa Reese’s newest videos.

Seven Points (5/23): State Track By The Numbers Sports – KMAland

Seven Points (5/ : State Track By The Numbers Sports

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There are tons of other lovely cases out there and I do know that people frequently change their cases because they do get tired of it. I like this design because I thought it was original and unique. My name on it makes it personalized and easy for identification. Today I will be doing a DIY post on how I customize and personalize my iPhone cover case. You are free to try various designs and patterns as well. It does not need to be an iPhone cover, you can decorate other items such as laptop cases, clothes and more.

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