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Youtube Star Caramel Kitten Sentenced To 15 Years!!! Shocking News

And here she’s being jailed for her opinion. If she serves 15 years, I DO FEEL SORRY for her. But reeeeetards can not manage to balance two thoughts at the same time. They get to she twerked over his grave, and there is no 2nd thoughts. Now she’ll be talking about how blacks aren’t treated fair Bitch please.

Crowning Madison‘s cutest pets – – WISC-TV3

Crowning Madison’s cutest pets.

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And I’m black hate this shit. You are commenting using your account. There are people who get less after killing someone, the sentence is excessive and it should get overturned on appeal.

Caramel Kitten balance two thoughts

Youtube Star Caramel Kitten Sentenced To 15 Years!!! Shocking News

I don’t feel sorry for her at all or that smart ass comment to the Judge.#sorry. Black women have to do better? FOH, as if every black woman is twerking on someone’s grave. Wow, no wonder the world is in such trouble. 15 year sentence for showing supposed disrespect? The man was all about freedoms.

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