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Use the “Magic Buttons” at the top of the Captain screen to create your own chord progressions. Explore different voicings and discover what your favorite vibe. Pianistic Playing functionality will make your chord progressions sound instantly better. It’s cool to know that David Guetta wrote the melody and chords for his “Stay (Don’t Go Away)” remix using Captain Melody 3.0!

Captain Melody Captain Plugins by Mixed In

Captain Melody Native Instruments Kontakt Library For

Using your own VST’s and AU plugins expands the creative potential of Captain Melody 3.0 and allows you to own your sound. Captain Melody reported to Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing, Pacific as the Deputy Commander in May 2022, and was the Commander from December 2022 to June 2022. His education includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Ocean Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy and a Masters of Science in Engineering Management from the George Washington University.

Captain Melody Cubase on Mac

Lyric Series String Quintet: Native Instruments Kontakt Library For Melodic Lines

On Mac, the tool officially supports Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, FL Studio and Cubase on Mac OS 10.10 and higher. On Windows, we support Ableton Live, FL Studio and Cubase. Discover all the modern techniques for this super cool style.

The Shipwreck Rose: Whiskey in the Jar – East Hampton Star

The Shipwreck Rose: Whiskey in the Jar.

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I’m slowly converting to using the Captain Plugins by Mixed In Key as my go-to Midi tools! Especially the newly released Captain Melody 3.0 is absolutely amazing for creating melody lines when I’m looking for inspiration. Route the MIDI output from Captain Plugins into all VST and AU units in real-time. Connect Captain Plugins with Kontakt, Massive, Spire, Sylenth, Serum, Roland Cloud, Omnisphere and more.

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