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Superflex empowers and motivates students to self-regulate—reducing meltdowns and anxiety as students develop their own inner superhero. Like a lot of you guys i know Captain Flex as Teen Hulk Franco, the cool kid we all watched grow up on YouTube and probably lusted over for many years. Well Franco is all grown up now and is a camboy with an attitude known as Captain Flex. So I thought, I already have all the Franco videos why not order a custom video from my longtime muscleboy crush.

He enlisted in the military after the Vietnam War and served for 21 years. He went on to became an Alabama State Trooper and worked his way up to piloting the Trooper’s helicopter. Clark is part of a family tradition of serving in the military and law enforcement that started with his father and is continuing with John’s son. As a helicopter pilot, he assisted in the 1996 manhunt for the Atlanta Olympic bomber.

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The Captain and his crew know their aircraft and can anticipate their passengers’ requests better than anyone. Dedicated Crews Flexjet pilots are truly dedicated to a specific tail number, so you fly with those you know and trust. Children with diagnoses who respond well to Superflex teachings often have autism levels 1 and 2, ADHD, social communication disorders, and others. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to get @captainflex’s OnlyFans for free right now. According to our estimates , @captainflex earns about $5.6k monthly from their OnlyFans.

Bengals 2022 NFL Draft Wrap Up –

Bengals 2022 NFL Draft Wrap Up.

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Pictured here during the First Gulf War, Frank helped this Iraqi Bedouin chief herd his sheep away from an active minefield with his helicopter so mines could be neutralized without injuring the sheep. He served 8 years in the Army, attaining Top Secret clearance and helping train Special Forces. In nearly every country he visits, he befriends a local, or two, or twelve, who he can later call upon for assistance. His vast network of friends, colleagues, and former travel companions is one facet among many that allows Captain Reynolds to provide Flexjet Owners with a truly exceptional travel experience. Red Label by Flexjet provides a dedicated crew, where Owners are flown by the same familiar faces each and every flight.

One Of Many Inspirations Behind Capt Reynoldsmeet Captain Frank Woelke

An experienced pilot, Capt. Patrick Whitt has accumulated just over 10,000 flight hours. He has been flying with Flexjet since 1998 and has 7 different type ratings, including the Global Express. He started his career in aviation as a line service tech while he learned to fly, then he became a flight instructor, was contracted for aerial imaging, and then flew freight for DHL and UPS before joining Flexjet. On the side, he used to own his own airstrip and likes to race motorcycles and cars off-road. He has participated in the Baja Rally Moto three times and the Sonora Rally once. The only thing more impressive than our aircraft are the people who fly them.

  • You might also find him racing motorcycles during his spare time.
  • Well Franco is all grown up now and is a camboy with an attitude known as Captain Flex.
  • Learn more key insights on how to teach Superflex in this free webinar.
  • Life-long world traveler who’s fluent in five languages, has flown for royalty and has a pressing curiosity for exploring new places and cultures.
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