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I would often take peeks looking at shoeplay and girls in flip flops. You can also put the phone camara well hidden behind some books in the shelf and just leave the camara part exposed enough to take video, on one of the lower levels of books . Later I review the photos and I discovered many photos, but this is the only one showing upskirt. Because I left my camera there, one of my friends took the camera and started to take pictures, catching this exciting moment.

Khloe Kardashian Says Kendall Jenner Is ‘Not Happy’ With Jokes About Her Cucumber Cutting After Viral Video – Us Weekly

Khloe Kardashian Says Kendall Jenner Is ‘Not Happy’ With Jokes About Her Cucumber Cutting After Viral Video.

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I love her upskirts, and I hope you like them too… The other photos, the ones at the river and the ones at the bedroom were taken by me, trying to get an upskirt shot, and I did. Yeah but I like the angle to be at feet level. Typing messages means you hold the phone quite above the feet.

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Sexy Latin woman saw me coast up to her feet at the pool and decided to give me a little show.

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I’ve got tons of candid stuff that I’ve shot over the years. Also, I do a lot of filming but I have a privacy glass on my phone and I hit record and lower the brightness so my phone basically looks off. It works and you can also download a spy camera app. Basically, it’s a hidden camera inside of an app. So it looks like you are just regular surfing the internet but it’s really recording. So if someone looks they can’t see what you r doing.

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I found an app that can turn off your screen so I use that to record videos. And I just hold my phone under the desk, blindly aim it, film and turn my screen black. I film full length videos so I’m there for longer periods of time as well. Never got caught, but when I was in college/university, smart phones as they are now weren´t yet a thing. I only had a shitty digital camara, with lowish resolution and it didn´t quite get good video.

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  • Across the room, a buddy of mine watched me do it, but said nothing.
  • Because we would go to the river, she wore that yellow bikini.
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And in the bus/train it depends how crowded it is, but its also riskier. Library would be safest choice, and also girls tend to do a lot of cool shoeplay there. If I was in the same university and had the phones/technology we have now, I would have probably done it and maybe got caught. I wish I could go back, but I live in a diffrent country now, its diffrent culture.

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