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Candy rushes off to tell her mind to Mr. Stafford, reciting the losses both the captain and she experienced and how his telegram might have cost the lives of several more. Eventually, Mr. Stafford regrets his actions and arranges a farewell celebration for the captain. A bit tipsy from champagne, Candy heads out onto the deck where the dense fog obscures a mysterious figure watching out into the sea. Her life is hard and difficult, experiencing losses of loved ones and bullying.

  • Susanna claims it was love at first sight, since the time Terry presented himself to the Strasford company.
  • Later, Candy learns Gilbert holds a deep grudge against all medical personnel ever since Dr. Leonard treated his father sick with cancer and Gilbert’s father died.
  • Candy approaches the young man who sheds tears at the ship’s railing and does not even remotely resemble Anthony.
  • Candy joins the dancing with all three young bachelors, making a good impression.
  • Not escaping Sister Gray’s notice, Candy suffers through morning prayer in her distinct white dress while everyone else wears black.
Candice White Candy goes to the Chicago

Captain Nieven orders a search, just when Cookie ventures out for food. While Candy remains safely downstairs, undetected, Candy overhears how the sailors throw Cookie overboard to teach him a lesson. Her conscience gets the better of her and she rushes to Cookie’s rescue. But her decisive manner of giving orders and chastising the men for their dangerous prank makes them believe she must be the Captain’s daughter.

Candice White prayer in her distinct white

Early Life

A carriage comes to fetch Candy with the message that Grandfather William wishes to see her. But as soon as she arrives at the Ardley mansion, Neil is there to catch her and be photographed. The Leagans and great-aunt Elroy inform her that she is to marry Neil by Grandfather William’s injunction and is to be promised immediately. Luckily, the maids inform her that Grandfather William is not present and give in to her plea to let her investigate. Candy goes to the Chicago bank which is owned by Grandfather William.

But when Captain Nieven gets called away on business, Sandra lets her friends into the apartment to drag Candy before their leader Charlie in a dance club. Charlie and Terry were childhood friends, and when they met recently, Terry gave Charlie his Academy suit, which Candy recognized. Captain Nieven followed Sandra to the dance club, fights one of the hoodlums and forbids his daughter to socialize with those criminals. When a gang member hopes to knife the captain, Sandra jumps to the rescue, and father and daughter make peace.

Candice White But as

Candice King

Any daydreaming about spending her summer with Patricia and the Cornwell brothers is dispelled. But when Candy encounters a news article giving rave reviews of Terry as a rising star, the onset of the war is far from her mind. Terry plays a part in Macbeth on Broadway, but none off the positive reviews interest him much.

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