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The honey bees were obsessed with the cannabis flowers. The bees would attack the buds looking for any available nectar and resin. They really went crazy for the Bubba Kush. The first time I tried honey from the hive, I noticed a distinct taste and funny feeling in my mouth. After putting a generous amount on a waffle, I experienced a head-to-toe soothing that left me calm and clear-headed.

This product is perfect for your recipes. In 1978, our first hive was a high-school science project that we brought home. We enjoyed the bees so much that our backyard slowly filled with 40 hives.

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Our products are made using 100% organically grown cannabis, sourced directly from trusted farms in our collective network. Using sub-critical liquid carbon dioxide, we extract a fine quality oil and refine it using only heat and pressure. The golden finished product is mixed with natural terpenes, and fruit extracts for a truly special vaping experience. Also, see kilo extracts and juul mint pods for sale. CannaHoney 16oz with Honeycomb These honeycombs are cut directly from the hive!

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  • CannaHoney-roasted California almonds are a unique and wonderful-tasting gift.
  • Californian Honey carts are filled with 1g of premium cannabis THC oil and 10% plant-derived Organic terpenes.
  • We’re proud to bring you a raw honey that meets European standards for bee pollen content.
  • This product is perfect for your recipes.

The honey stored within the honeycomb is the purest, rawest form of honey, and the wax the honeycomb is made of has nutritional value and health benefits. MariHoney CBD is a pure, raw honey from sunny So Cal. MariHoney 12oz MariHoney is infused with the legendary cannabis strain LA Beatnik. MariHoney has a wonderful taste that blends well in all beverages, hot or cold, and is wonderful in your favorite recipes. CannaHoney CBD 16oz This unique batch of CannaHoney has a limited quantity.

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Enjoy raw honey the way God meant it to be! You can also enjoy big savings with bulk raw honey deals and our discount honey bundles. This 100% pure, raw honey is not only regionally sourced from Northern California, but is also sustainable and supports SAVE the BEEĀ®.

Brandgenuity to Rep HGTV Star, Christina Hall, for Licensing – License Global

Brandgenuity to Rep HGTV Star, Christina Hall, for Licensing

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This is raw honey with recognized natural health benefits and an amazing flavor. Our clover honey varietal is smooth and robust. It is perfect for breakfast, tea or on the go with honey sticks. Add it to recipes in place of sugar.

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