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Davis lived and went to school in Cedartown, Georgia, about 70 miles west of Atlanta. After authorities became aware of the video on the night of Davis’ death, she was found hanging from a tree in front of her home. The 12-year-old was rushed to Polk Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

Region Roundup: LCA’s Catherine Mowry advances to Region 3C singles championship, and more – Lynchburg News and Advance

Region Roundup: LCA’s Catherine Mowry advances to Region 3C singles championship, and more.

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In videos published on the In Memory of Katelyn Nicole Davis YouTube channel, Davis talks about fights with her mother, Tammy Rogers. Chief Dodd also said that it was a cop from California who happened to see the streaming who first contacted Polk County authorities. The chief added that his department has been fielding calls from as far away as the United Kingdom regarding the removal of the video. “She is no longer with the squad,” Stacey James, a spokesman for the football team, told the Herald. “At the time I had jumped in the picture with the kid. I didn’t realize what had been drawn on him, which I take responsibility for not being alert.” A New England Patriots cheerleader was kicked off the squad this week after photos surfaced on Facebook showing her posing with a passed-out man covered in offensive markings.

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Dodd also said that search warrants are needed for investigators to search Davis’ phone and social media profiles. In May 2022, two 12-year-old girls in Waukesha, Wisconsin, were accused of the attempted murder of another friend. The suspects committed the crime in order to impress Slender Man, a horror character from CreepyPasta. “Me and my girls left the dorm and went to another house and came back to the kid passed out on the futon we were suppose to sleep on,” Davis told “The guys ended up drawing more on him due to the fact that he was the first one to pass out on Halloween night …

Brewery Owner Shares Memories Of Caitlin And Jared Davis

As news of Davis passing spread, social media has been flooded with friends and strangers alike paying tribute to the 12-year-old. A Facebook page, Justice for Katelyn Nicole Davis, has also been set up. Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd has said that no charges have been filed in the case. An autopsy was carried out on Davis by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

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  • To be fair, there is no proof that Davis wrote or drew any of the offending bits of graffiti on the man in the picture, but the scandalous story has brought her career with New England to an end.
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