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In early August of 2022 a Dickhead /BPUfan called in to theBest Debatevoicemail line. Slightly imbibed and very upset, he proceeded to grill Maddox for disavowing his content and forsaking his community in order to gain social justice brownie points. The following day he received a text message from a man identifying himself as George who left a lengthy rebuttal to the voicemail. The two held a back-and-forth for four days before screenshots of the conversation were posted to r/TheDickShow. Peterson from the Indiana State Police’ who claimed to have received harassment complaints but offered little explanation outside of that. Peterson could not name the nature of the harassment nor the individual who made the complaint.

2022 NFL Mock Draft: B/R NFL Scouting Dept’s Final Picks – Bleacher Report

2022 NFL Mock Draft: B/R NFL Scouting Dept’s Final Picks.

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A person arrested for speeding or petty theft, OK, they break rules. And someone made excuses for it because “tops are like that.” Ugh. I was unhappy when he shot up his face with fillers, but it’s mostly lost that hard waxen look by now and looks normal. I’m a top and I’m not attracted to trans whatevers at all, but for money I’ll fuck three trans males/females wrapped together with duct tape. We are changing the login scheme for contributors for simpler login and to better support using multiple devices.

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In July 2022 Dick Show host Vito Gesualdi contacted Metal Jess on the eve of her wedding to offer congratulations and inquire on her relationship with Maddox. Jess was reciprocative and surprisingly open, and hinted at the possibility of her calling in to the show though talks did not continue after that point. Shortly after the dissolution ofBPU, Asterios made it clear to Maddox that he would continue to work with both him and Dick on their own future ventures.

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