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We are searching for candidates who will enjoy working with others in a fast-paced culinary environment and who have a desire to help create an enjoyable dining experience for guests. Busboys aim to support other team members by cleaning and resetting tables, ensuring the availability of flatware and plates, and bringing guest’s need to the attention of waitstaff. They also restock necessary items, such as napkins and straws, and may assist with washing dishes.

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With the Buddy Boy Loyalty Program, you earn points every time you shop that you can use towards swag, products, and accessories. Dude, I was two tables way from leaving but right as I finished the last one a freakin’ walked in. Bussy is a portmanteau of the words boy and pussy used to refer to a man’s anus. The word was coined and primarily used be members of the LGBTQ+ community. Great selection and extremely knowledgeable people to help you find your way.

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Our busser job description sample is a great place to start on your next job advertisement. Simply add your details and begin attracting talented applicants today. Usage of the word “bussy” within the gay community predates its internet usage.

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