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Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a Wi-Fi hotspot are all expected to be standard features when the Lyriq rolls into Cadillac showrooms. A 19-speaker stereo system from the high-end audio experts at AKG will be offered. 1,825 horsepower and 1,365 pound-feet of torque, increases of 247 hp and 185 lb-ft compared to the Chiron Super Sport 300+. Mr Diffey previously helped raise £100,000 for the family of motor racing journalist Henry Hope-Frost, after he died in an accident in 2022.

At least two more Type 57s were also converted to Type 101 specifications, making a total of nine Type 101 cars produced. Koenigseggknows a thing or six about building mental hypercars and the Jesko Absolut is the latest example. But while most other cars on this list have reached their top speeds, the330-mile-per-hour V-max here is only theoretical. Mother-of-two, 36, died in fireball crash when she was hit by drink driver who was more than twice the limit…

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All the striping is hand-painted in multiple layers, adding depth to the overall finish. With the detail work completed, the cars are finished with multiple clear coat layers. Bugatti applied a similar treatment to a Veyron back in 2022, creating a car known as the Grand Sport L’Or Blanc which is included in the photo gallery above. To showcase this program, Bugatti shared images of two Chirons featuring exterior and interior touches to make them stand out even more than they already do. So far there’s been no word from the EPA on the Lyriq’s estimated fuel economy , but we expect that to become available closer to the SUV’s on-sale date. We’ll also have the opportunity to put the Lyriq through our 200-mile highway fuel economy test in the future, and when we do we’ll update this story with results.

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Canelo Alvarez’s insane car collection, with boxing champ owning $3m Bugatti Chiron, red LaFerrari and S… – The US Sun

Canelo Alvarez’s insane car collection, with boxing champ owning $3m Bugatti Chiron, red LaFerrari and S….

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Bugatti lettering in blue takes center stage on the wing, with the red-white-blue French flag providing some extra color on the spoiler endplates. The number 9 painted in French Racing Blue graces the grille, and moving inside, there’s more French Racing Blue along with black for interior trim. The Lyriq’s dashboard, like the new 2022 Escalade’s, is dominated by a giant, 33.0-inch curved advanced LED display that serves as both the SUV’s infotainment system and the driver’s gauge display. In the Escalade, the infotainment system can be controlled by a click wheel on the center console, a boon for drivers who aren’t fond of touchscreens.

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The luxury model features aluminum interior accents, aluminium and wood dash trims, 16 speakers and leather seats. For both Chirons, the process of creating these exteriors is labor-intensive. Designs are first envisioned in a two-dimensional format, then applied to the three-dimensional surface of the car.

  • ‘Simon was a very talented racer, and a consistent winner in a variety of cars.
  • Cadillac’s first entrant into the luxury electric vehicle market will be the Lyriq SUV, which offers sharp styling and a modern cabin.
  • Foot races in ancient Greece and chariot races in Rome gave rise to competitive speed, and man has never looked back.
  • For more information about the Lyriq’s fuel economy, visit the EPA’s website.
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