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AA women do NOT all have the same shapes. This reminds me of the whole twrek thing, twerking is so damn old and it was practiced in the afro American community all the way back in the 90s but no one but us knew what it was until Mylie Cyrus popularized it. Even in many of our older music videos and early 2000s only black people talked about twerking through their music, no one else knew what it was and pretty much did not know it existed. PermalinkFrom a logical stand point not all are built to be. Tell that to the lady that has no fat on her body at all, she has this rare disease that prevents her body from growing fat anywhere. No man will be entering her cave sorry.

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I am not sure who made the original comment about African American women not fitting these shapes, but that’s a huge generalization, which I don’t necessarily agree with. I’m glad you’ve expressed an opposite opinion here because it shows that there is no ‘one-size-fits all’ approach. I feel your pain with your current “H” shape – in most cases it’s those ugly ‘saddlebag’ areas above the hips where fat gets stored that makes this shape. And if you happen to have wide and high hips, your actual pelvis can accentuate this even more, even if you don’t have a lot of extra fat.

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Good luck and let me know if I can be of any more help at all. As such, there don’t seem to be categories for men’s butt shapes like there are for women’s – not that I’ve come across yet anyway. Also known lovingly as a ‘bubble butt’, this shape is regarded for its curve; the result of fat distribution around the cheeks of the buttocks, allowing the section to take a naturally round shape. PermalinkI think butt shapes for guys are quite a bit different than women, and to be honest I haven’t seen any categorization for male butt shapes (maybe I should create one on this site?).

  • It can be possible to round out at least somewhat.
  • I have to say I definitely agree with you – African American women are well known for having beautiful curves and awesome butts.
  • I remember the days when the standard was the thin frame women, that changed because black men popularized the hell out of it.

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PermalinkSounds like you have the inverted V but are trying to soften the blow with mixing Round in there. Not trying to be mean but my exe would do the same thing. But she liked to say hers was between H and heart shaped. Maybe she wanted to mix the two because of the H in both. I think it’s a mix of inverted and round. While I am more about butt-building exercise as a quality, natural and permanent solution for improving butt shape, I understand that it may not be for everyone (though I sure will try my hardest to convince you!).

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Jennifer Lopez Takes Fans Inside Her Life in ‘Halftime’ Documentary Trailer — and Ben Affleck Makes Cameo.

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