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Thorne Forrester And Brooke Logan

Macy’s half-sister, Kimberly Fairchild, decided she wanted Thorne, and set about seducing him away from Brooke. Meanwhile, Brooke’s children, Rick and Bridget, were against Brooke’s relationship with Thorne. Kimberly kissed Thorne backstage at a fashion show, and Bridget raised the curtain so the public would see.

  • Thorne’s happiness with Brooke was short-lived when he overheard Brooke telling her son in-law, Deacon Sharpe that Ridge would always be the love of her life.
  • Macy and Karen got into a food fight over Thorne, who couldn’t choose between them.
  • Full custody is awarded to Katie, but acrimony between the Forrester brothers and Bill ensues.
  • After disappearing briefly, Ridge returns with an impaired memory and had lost his design ability.
  • While in Venice, Italy with Eric and Taylor, Ridge staged a fight with Taylor and then made his move on Brooke.
  • R&B singer Tamar Braxton named her son Logan after the character of Brooke Logan, due to her husband’s love of the show.
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Brooke finally married Ridge in a lavish beach ceremony, then honeymooned with him in Morocco, where they were guests of Prince Omar Rashid. Brooke tried to keep Taylor’s existence from Ridge, but when the truth came out, Brooke learned her marriage to Ridge was invalid. Brooke heaved a sigh of relief when Ridge asked Taylor for a divorce, clearing the way for Brooke to remarry Ridge.

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Despite this, Ridge was still involved with and loved both women, Brooke and Taylor, while Taylor herself was also involved with Brooke’s brother Storm. Brooke created the wrinkle-free formula BeLieF for design house Forrester Creations and celebrated with Ridge by making love on the lab floor. Brooke and Ridge were intimate again when they believed that Eric wanted Stephanie back thanks to a forged letter from Stephanie. In the end however, Ridge chose Taylor as he did not want to be the cause of the end of Brooke and his father’s marriage, and hoped if he chose Taylor, Brooke would stay with Eric.

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When Brooke gets the test results back, she is shocked to discover that she is pregnant with her and Bill’s baby. Hurt and deeply upset, she turns to Eric, who’s in a relationship with Taylor, and asks him to say the baby is his. In this way she hopes to keep her indiscretion from Katie and hide her pregnancy from Bill. Taylor who has suspected that Brooke and Bill were having an affair finds out about the pregnancy.

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Their Marriage Ended Due To Ridge Forrester

Later, when Eric fell into a coma, Donna temporarily fired Thorne and his siblings. Thorne knew that Donna was spending time with Owen Knight, so when Eric recovered, Thorne hired Donna and Owen lookalikes to kiss for a hidden camera so Eric would divorce Donna. Thorne met Macy Alexander when her mother, Sally Spectra, meant to lock Macy and Ridge in a room on the Queen Mary during a fashion show. Thorne briefly dated Macy and Donna Logan at the same time, but ultimately Thorne chose Macy.

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