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What Happened To Brooke On The Bold And The Beautiful

After being married for awhile, Rick and Maya informed Brooke and Eric that Maya’s sister, Nicole Avant, was going to be a surrogate to their baby, via Rick’s sperm being implanted. Brooke texted Ridge wanting to talk to him in person at the Logan Mansion. Ridge rushed over there and found Brooke in undergarments and an unbuttoned robe. Brooke explained she wanted to be with him and that they have so much history. Ridge explained he’s with Caroline and Brooke called their relationship, a fling.

How Many Times Has Brooke Logan Been Married On The Bold And The Beautiful? – The List

How Many Times Has Brooke Logan Been Married On The Bold And The Beautiful?.

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Brooke wanted Karen to fire Katie and either chose herself or Bill to run it. Brooke secretly called Bill to show up without telling Karen and he did. Bill made the point that he accepted Karen being gay when she didn’t expect him to. Karen heard both of their points but decided it was best to keep Katie head of the company.

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Brooke scolded Thomas for kissing her on the runway as a publicity stunt for the resurrected men’s line, and again as Brooke slept. Brooke and Thomas survived a plane crash at sea, eating berries that caused hallucinations; Brooke wasn’t sure if she’d actually had sex with Thomas or if she’d imagined it. Once rescued, Brooke couldn’t fully deny Thomas’ claim that they’d made love, so Brooke gave Ridge a divorce and permission to be with Taylor. However, Brooke learned that Stephanie had gotten Thomas to lie in exchange for her 25% share in Forrester; Brooke made Stephanie pay by forcing her to sing in public. Brooke let Ridge kiss her but became furious when Nick retaliated by having a one-night stand with Bridget; when Bridget turned up pregnant, Brooke pushed Nick off his boat and ran back to Ridge.

Brook Logan elder sister of Donna Logan

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  • When Stephanie appeared to be going insane because Sheila was poisoning her with mercury, Brooke rallied at Stephanie’s bedside and roused her nemesis from her catatonic state.
  • Everyone was shocked to discover that Flo had given Katie her kidney.
  • Hope and Liam are planning to go for a baby moon after getting a thumbs up from the doctor.
  • Ridge shows Brooke a giant heart he and RJ made in the sand for her, with their names in it.
Brook Logan adoptive daughter

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Everyone was shocked that Thomas tried to fool everyone again and he was heartbroken when he realized that Hope doesn’t really want him. Brooke didn’t like that Thomas started showing that he is romantically interested in Hope. She also encouraged Hope to work on her marriage with Liam, but Thomas emotionally manipulated Hope and her son behind the scenes. He even wrote a fake letter from Caroline and drugged Liam Spencer in order for him to end up in Steffy’s bed which no one has ever discovered his part in drugging Liam. Hope cracked and decided that Liam should be a full time father for Kelly and Steffy’s adoptive daughter Phoebe that she felt a strong bond with.

Getting Involved With The Forrester Family

In March 2022, the Forrester and Spencer families traveled to Sydney, Australia for Liam and Steffy’s third wedding. Ridge and Brooke decided to get married there as well, until Brooke discovered Quinn and Ridge kissing at a beach. Originally determined to tell Eric, Ridge and Quinn manipulated Brooke into keeping quiet, but broke off her engagement with Ridge. Brooke stayed in Sydney while everyone else returned to LA, and was comforted by Bill.

They have shared many of the same men, at different times, always taking them from one another. Taylor was horrified to find out that Jack was Brooke’s biological son. Brooke is the daughter of Beth and Stephen Logan, the elder sister of Donna Logan and Katie Logan , and the younger sister of Storm Logan (played by William deVry at the time of the character’s death in 2008). She worked for her family’s catering business who often served rich pillars of the community .

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