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Brittany Venti is an American internet personality and live streamer. She is known for her support for Donald Trump in the 2022 election and her strong stance against mass immigration, prostitution and pornography. Brittany Venti was born on 14 February 1997 and had the zodiac sign Virgo, which makes her age 25 as of 2022. Her father was of white ethnicity, and her mother was from a black ethnic community.

  • Unlike every other e-whore, she isn’t actually attractive so she compensates by having her tits right in front of the screen as if anybody wants to see them.
  • To explain how Brittany’s nudes got leaked, we need to jump back to the Spring of 2022.
  • Her claim to fame was a video in 2022 in which she pretended to freak out when another player “raped” her character in Grand Theft Auto.
Brittany Venti white ethnicity, and her

Photo brittany venti nude – taken from the site

Her streams are infamous for trolls arriving , and she has also gotten banned from Twitch 3 times, the first time for showing a strip club from GTA 5, the 2nd and 3rd having to do with the raids that she usually gets on her streams. Brittany Venti is a Youtuber and gamer, having both haters and supporters. Brittany is a celibate and presents her view on abstinence outside of marriage. She is against anti-pornography and its related actions.

Brittany Venti anyone who disagreed with her

Photo brittany venti nude – taken from the site

Go Away Channel 4

Venti’s stream was raided on a consistent basis and later she was kicked off the platform for violating their terms of service. She then became a full time YouTube streamer who makes commentary on day to day drama and political issues. Brittany Venti is a Youtuber and gamer who has earned a lot of money streaming the play game. Though her actual income is never made public, her estimated income ranges from $1 Million to $5 Million. Brittany belongs to Generation Z, which is prone to the use of technologies and the Internet from a very young age.

Brittany is rebellious and has opposing views on pornography and expressed her opposition through live streams. BrittanyVenti has a burning, passionate dislike for specific memes (or to her, mee-mees) that are frequently shared through her video donations. The top most hated is the famous John Cena, where a normal event would soon be interrupted by the ‘AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA’ catch-line, followed by Cena’s self produced theme song. Raiders would find ways to inflict the most damage with said video, usually putting the catch-line somewhere after an anime song. The third most well-received meme is the infamous Darude song, Sandstorm. Users would proceed to spam the chat with ‘DUDUDUDU’ comments, throwing Brittany into a fake anxiety attack.

Brittany Venti Users would proceed to spam

Photo brittany venti nude – taken from the site


Venti would make a video about this, but was critisized once again for banning anyone who disagreed with her from her chat. Many people also called Venti a troll and accused her of being jealous of Hololive talents and making videos against them to regain relevancy. I used to watch her streams and I thought it was trolling. But I started to notice that anytime some calls in who sounds like they might be black she calls them “ugly” and quickly cuts the call.

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