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Her parents moved her family to Las Vegas, Nevada, when she was young, and she notes that growing up near the entertainment hub is what prompted her to want to be in that industry. “When I spoke with her that day, I already knew what was wrong with her,” said Vontria Mobley, Brittany’s mother. “It was about an incident about money that she received and someone took it. I told her to call me back and momma will resolve it, just call me back.” She never spoke with her daughter again. Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga instructor, writer, podcast host, as well as a social media influencer.

She suffered a traumatic brain injury and as a result, Brittany walked with a limp and used either a cane or walker. The injury did not stop Brittany from continuing to live as normal of a life as possible, but in August 2022, the unthinkable occurred. It was on August 22 that the 23-year-old was reportedly at her friend’s mother’s home in her hometown of Jacksonville, Florida, but somewhere during her travels, Brittany disappeared. The net worth of a popular model and ring girl is around $2 million in 2022.

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As such, she’s always been under the prying eyes of her haters, who have been spreading rumors about her. Brittney had to use crutches for several months after her accident. But later, she realized the importance of having strength in her body.

  • But later, she realized the importance of having strength in her body.
  • She is an impressive athlete who can do more than hold her own in the ring, and as a result, she is known as the ring girl.
  • She doesn’t take carbs and tries to stay away from sugar as much as possible.
  • Being drawn by the glamour and magnificence of city life, she showed interest in paintings.

The lovebird became happily every after and relished a blissful married life for some time. But their happiness did not take a long time because Aaron had died due to unknown reasons, and she was doing art for him. But there was a rumor that Aaron might have died due to drug addiction, but it has not been confirmed. Palmer has raised over $100,000 in donations through her paintings with some of the biggest organizations, charities, and auctions in the World.

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She moved to Venice, Italy, from Los Angeles, California, to pursue a professional career in this domain. At just the age of eighteen, she became a model and entertainer. Brittney Palmer, a beautiful woman with light eyes and a model’s figure, is an artist, host, dancer and model. Brittney has also been widely featured in magazines such as FHM, Fitness Gurls, Inside Fitness, Maxim, and others. She also used her classic portraiture education to start her own business, selling her artwork through her website, which was also featured in art shows and charity auctions.

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Brittney Palmer has had collaborations with some big names which are very well recognized around the globe, like Reebok, W hotels, and Bird Scooters. Moreover, she has social media influence worldwide, and her Instagram account has garnered over 3 million fans. She first worked for the Ultimate Variety Show, an entertainment show that features over 14 acts ranging from prop comedians and acrobats to dancers and musicians. At the age of 18, Brittney began modeling and working on The Strip in Las Vegas, an infamous stretch of entertainment venues in the city.

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