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Thus vortices can transport mass, energy and momentum over considerable distances compared to their size, with surprisingly little dispersion. This effect is demonstrated by smoke rings and exploited in vortex ring toys and guns. In this situation, the rigid rotating enclosure provides an extra force, namely an extra pressure gradient in the water, directed inwards, that prevents transition of the rigid-body flow to the irrotational state.

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He is also a bit cowardly and developed a crush on Jimmy’s mom, as shown throughout a multitude of episodes. His crush on Judy becomes so extreme that he is shown an interest in exterminating Judy’s husband and Jimmy’s dad, Hugh Neutron. An extraterrestrial character named Doppy, with similarities to Carl, is a main character in Planet Sheen.

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Recurring Characters

Amanda Neutron Jimmy’s wealthy great-aunt and Hugh’s aunt. Amanda originally hates Jimmy because he “brings danger to the town”. She reconciled with him after he revealed his baby cousin Eddie’s evil plan to harm the family. Amanda appears only in the 2005 episode “Clash of the Cousins”. Brobot is a robotic brother that Jimmy created after feeling lonely. Although Brobot irritates Jimmy, it is shown that he cares about Brobot; when Jimmy disconnects him, he cries “What have I done?” Jimmy decides to send Brobot to live on the moon with robotic parents, Popbot and Mombot.

The Empty Fury of the Ending of ‘Men,’ Explained – Vulture

The Empty Fury of the Ending of ‘Men,’ Explained.

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Besides Jimmy, Judy, Hugh, and Eddie, this section lists the known relatives of the Neutron family. As revealed in “Clash of the Cousins”, Jimmy is disliked by most of the relatives that appear in that episode due to the fact that he “brings danger to the town” until he exposed Eddie’s plot. Hank McSpanky is the founder of a chain of fast food restaurants named McSpanky’s. He once met Jimmy’s father, with whom he almost went into business. Cap’n Betty is an odd sailor who knows about a monster that Jimmy is trying to reveal to be false. He appears in “Monster Hunt”, “My Big Fat Spy Wedding”, and has numerous cameos throughout the series, many of them well-hidden.

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