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Tv Star Stephanie Matto Stops Selling Farts After Health Scare

And the reason behind it was her new, special diet to keep her “fart jar” business going. Matto became most notable online due to the success of the show’s fourth season. Additionally, she was part of the first LGBTQ+ couple in the show’s history, along with her girlfriend in the show, Erika Owens. On March 8th, 2022, Matto appeared in the first episode of the fourth season of 90 Day Fiancé, a reality TV show based on the online dating and marriage of foreigners. The risky nature of the premise made it ideal for reality TV and it attracted personalities who become memes themselves like Big Ed, who was featured in the same season as Matto. I actually called my friend and asked if they could come over to drive me to the hospital because I thought I was experiencing a heart attack,” she said.

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  • Fans aren’t sure if her story entirely adds up, though no one doubts that she genuinely feared for her life.
  • Later in the video, she stated she was just kidding and doesn’t sell farts anymore.
  • Stephanie Matto, also known by her handle @stepankamatto, is a reality TV star and influencer known for 90 Day Fiancé and selling her farts in jars.
  • The TikTok earned roughly 353,400 plays and 8,000 likes in five months .

Though there was nothing to support this theory at the time, many viewers were quick to assume Matto isn’t actually gay, and that she came out on television in a bid to rake in more YouTube views. I have even received death threats, people telling me I should end my life and so on,” she added. “As luck would have it, once I put the jars up for sale, they began to sell like hotcakes,” she said.

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“I was advised to change my diet and to take a gas suppressant medication, which has effectively ended my business,” she said. “I remember within one day I had about three protein shakes and a huge bowl of black-bean soup,” she said. After undergoing a battery of tests, including blood work and an EKG, Matto was told that her pain was the result of her steady diet of gas-inducing beans and eggs. She has written a book detailing her experiences of her hard time and rough risen to the top. To make money and help her family, Stephanie started to do the job at gentlemen’s club as a Dancer.

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On October 14th, 2022, Matto posted a TikTok that became her first viral hit, earning roughly 1.1 million plays in a year and a half . However, she didn’t receive over 1 million plays again until November 23rd, 2022, when she posted a TikTok that earned roughly 7.6 million plays and 427,800 likes in five months. Within it, Matto stated in text overlay, “Day in the life of a girl who sells her farts in a jar” . A viral TikTok video she posted titled “Day in the life of a girl who sells her farts in a jar!” had at least 6.5 million views, Buzzfeed reported. This “fart jar” business has, she revealed, sent her to the hospital with alarming symptoms, fearing for her life. According to a video she shared on TikTok on November 29, she allegedly made nearly $50,000 in a week selling jars of her natural gas.

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She starred as the first LGBTQ paired couple in season four of the show but missed her opportunity at love. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The story of her life inspired many people to get success in their life.

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