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Pokimane would repeatedly get caught streaming NSFW content and would not be held to the same standard as her fellow streamers who would get banned for doing the same things. As of most recently, well-known VTuber Veibae was caught disgracing Twitch guidelines. This week, she was banned from the livestreaming platform just a few days after her friend and alleged boyfriend Sodapoppin was barred for yet-to-be uncovered reasons. British streamer and former Team Liquid streamer ItsSliker was one of many popular streamers who faced action for exposing his viewers to NSFW content on stream. In a New Year’s stream from this year, Sliker played a clip of an interview with controversial ASMR streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa on stream.

  • Instead of hitting Kiaraakitty with a regular three-day ban, Twitch decided to nuke her channel and slammed her with an indefinite one.
  • The arguable queen of non-gaming Twitch feeds is Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa.
  • She cosplays, paints, and just generally chats with her fans, and she seems to have fun doing that.

According to the Daily Star, some workers accused her of being a prostitute and using their businesses to solicit work. Amouranth was also reportedly asked to leave an arcade while wearing the getup because it wasn’t “family appropriate” . The online star tweeted out a notice from Twitch regarding the warning she received from the livestreaming platform for breaking TOS. Fans criticized Twitch, pointing out that the video was very popular amongst streamers, and other creators like Mizkif and HasanAbi had shown it to their viewers without repercussions.

Five Twitch Streamers Caught Screen Sharing Nsfw In 4k

One of the more recent trends to hit Twitch is the “hot tub meta,” in which streamers chat with fans while wearing bikinis, and Amouranth has been an active participant. In fact, according to CNET’s research, she was the most popular hot tub streamer by several hundred thousand hours. Previously, streamers who showed nudity on their channels have received a variety of punishments. LegendaryLea was banned for 30 days in 2022 for accidentally showing nudity (though she was adamant that she actually hadn’t). SweetSaltyPeach has been temporarily banned a few times—once for wearing see-through shorts and once for accidentally flashing the camera.

Amouranth Uncovered actions if there is tangible

However, in one of her Twitch streams, she did address a comment which talked about how many of her fans regard her Twitch channel as a sort of a ‘dating service’. Not only were the donations coming in, but her popularity was at a rocket high by the beginning of 2022. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. However, Pokimane has been banned from Twitch one time, though it had nothing to do with NSFW imagery. The Twitch star was banned earlier this year during the DMCA strikes in January, along with OfflineTV & friends Disguised Toast and Sykkuno. But as Twitch culture goes, the platform can only really hold individuals accountable for their actions if there is tangible evidence, which, in this case, would be in the form of a (now-deleted) Twitch clip.

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It was to expose the things that she was lying to her fans about; his videos are all about “people who do dumb things”, and Amouranth according to him, does “dumb things”. According to ‘L OF THE DAY’, it was a gross betrayal by the online personality, where she betrayed not only her fans but also the community at large, especially those who wholeheartedly support her. She wasn’t known as Amouranth at the time, as the online persona only came into fruition in 2022 when she finally began streaming on Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube. Hailing from Houston, Amouranth began as a minor cosplayer who started by dressing up as her favourite video game and comic book character, mainly Princess Zelda and Link at the very beginning. Men frequently report women on Twitch, and women on the platform face frequent harassment from male viewers.

Someone allegedly wanted to set Amouranth house on fire – TalkEsport – TE

Someone allegedly wanted to set Amouranth house on fire.

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Both Amouranth and Janelle “Indiefoxx” Dagres were banned on Twitch for a period of slightly over three days after posting some obviously “sexually-suggestive” ASMR streams. However, the internet appears to be in no mood to forgive Amouranth and has responded by criticizing the streamer and asking for her to be permanently suspended. Usually, Twitch doesn’t tolerate streamers who use their platform to give audience a free pirated show. In early 2022, the platform banned the Twitch partner Leo, also known as “Slick,” after he asked if he could watch movies on-stream.

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