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Benjamin Hardin Helm was the son of Governor John LaRue Helm and the brother-in-law of Abraham Lincoln through his wife Emilie Todd, who was a half-sister of Mary Todd Lincoln. Helm and Lincoln were close friends before the outbreak of the Civil War, but were driven apart like so many other families at the time. Helm later joined the Confederacy, rose to the rank of brigadier general, and took command of the 1st Kentucky Brigade, better known as the Orphan Brigade. Helm was mortally wounded by a sharpshooter in the Battle of Chickamauga in 1863, while leading his men into action against a well-fortified Union line. Lincoln and Mary were greatly disturbed when they heard the news of the death of their old friend, and had to go into private mourning in the White House.

Robert Horvath Obituary (1955 – 2022) – Findlay, OH –

Robert Horvath Obituary (1955 – – Findlay, OH.

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According to LaRue descendant and author of Six Generations of LaRue and Allied Families, Otis M. Mather, several attempts to trace Abraham’s family to a particular individual or locality in France have been unsuccessful. The photograph shown here was duplicated with Don, his wife Margarete, and dozens of LaRue family descendants in 1998. Click on I’m not a robot to verify you are human, then we will unlock leaks. Click on I’m not a robot to verify you are human, then we will show leaks for Oc-girl. De La Rue Logan designs, manufactures and ships authentication solution products worldwide to companies in a variety of industries. From electronics, pharmaceuticals and agriculture, to sportswear and wine and spirits applications, our products provide unique security and visual benefits.

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Abraham probably spent much of his time in the Hodgen home, which was right next to the mill. Abraham’s schoolmate and childhood friend, Austin Gollaher, later wrote in his book The Boyhood of Abraham Lincoln that it was from “his mother and from Mrs. Hodgen Abraham learned his A B C’s”. He also claimed that Sarah’s son, John Hodgen, was Lincoln’s “childhood hero”. The Lincoln family eventually moved away to Indiana in 1816, when Abraham was nearly eight years old. Hodgen’s Mill became the town of Hodgensville just a few years later. The LaRue FamilyThe Castleman and LaRue families in 1898, on the 90th birthday of Sarah LaRue Castleman, who is sitting in the center of the photograph in between two of her daughters.

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Another son named Jabez built his home, Villa LaRue, further to the east in the 1790s. The three houses have survived and are now part of the Long Marsh Run Rural Historic District, near Berryville, Virginia. Isaac acquired thousands of more acres of land over the years, partly with the help of a friend and neighbor named Squire Boone, who was the brother of Daniel Boone. Avoid potentially embarrassing conflict with this handy region guide to the price of sexual services prepared by a team of trained economists. Researchers have created a nationally representative data set that includes the per-transaction prices charged by 3,000 sex workers in Ecuador .


Lincoln also allowed Helm’s widow, Emilie, to pass through Union lines to visit him and his wife. Most remained loyal to the Union, but several descendants served the Confederacy. On the Confederate side, one LaRue became a brigadier general, while another rose to the rank of major.

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  • Peter had three sons of his own; Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, from which sprang the LaRue families of Virginia and Kentucky.
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In 1743, Isaac LaRue purchased his first 250-acre parcel of farm land along a little stream known as Long Marsh Run in the Shenandoah Valley, in what is now part of Clarke County, Virginia. Future president George Washington, whose family lived nearby, surveyed the land for Isaac after the sale. Isaac built a log cabin to live in and, later, a two-story, coursed limestone house named Claremont, which was completed in 1778. His son Jacob settled nearby and in 1775 completed his home, Bloomfield.

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